Friday, May 22, 2009

Search Engine Optimization With Anchor Text

I will share with you the meaning of "Anchor Text" in this information technology era. Anchor text is HTML code formatted in text form. When your mouse hovers over it and click on it, you will be transported to the next web page. It is also affectionately known as hypertextlink.

The cyber space is closely linked and within the click of a mouse because of the existence of anchor text. Would you remember all the new websites and its web addresses (URL) you have discovered since you first discovered internet more than a decade ago until today?

Tiny little programs called "bots" which is short for robots are programmed to crawl the internet for information. This is how the bots from search engines are able to locate your website.

Every search engine has their own bots. Each day, thousands of bots are sent out everyday to locate the latest information, latest inventions, latest news, latest websites and latest development in the world.

If following an Anchor text is how the search engines seek out your website, don't you think you should feed more information on what your website is all about? That is why it is very

important. The bots from the search engines are able to decipher what your website is all about from the wording of the text in your hyperlink.

Instead of using "click here", it is more advisable to use words like "Learn More On Affiliate Marketing" if your website is about Affiliate marketing. Can you see how you are able to influence the bots to evaluate your website?

To rank well on the Internet is to actively use the keyword that you wish to target in your Anchor text. Every keyword Anchor text pointing to your website is a vote of authority in the field. If you have 20 "Affiliate Marketing" Anchor texts pointing to your website and the next closest competitor only has 10, the search engine will rank you as the authority website for the keyword "Affiliate Marketing".

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