Friday, May 22, 2009

Build Backlinks in 3 Ways

It is no secret that Google can provide a constant flow of visitor to your website if you are able to maintain a good search engine ranking within their search result pages. However, attaining a high ranking placement is not easy as there are many factors and criteria Google used to calculate your website.

One of the criteria is the backlink pointing to your website from other sites. If you look into details about the backlink, there are more criteria involved such as the quantity (number of backlink), quality and anchor text used.

Therefore, if you want to have any success with your website, you should start to plan on how you are going to get backlink. There are many ways that you can go about to work on this area and this article listed 3 of them for your reference.

1. Social bookmarking. There are many bookmarking sites out there and the more popular one are Delicious, Digg and Reddit. Each submission of your web content to these sites will bring you one backlink, however, the link from these sites are known to be of low values. Having said that, submission to these sites is easy as no approval is required and so, why not utilize it?

2. Article Marketing. This is one of the most commonly used methods by fellow internet marketer and research also shown that it is very effective. Basically, you write an article and complete it with 2 backlink to your site and submit it to various article directories. As there are hundreds of article directories, you can easily get huge amount of backlink.

3. Exchange links. It is well known that getting a backlink from similar niche site will help you in your search engine ranking. So, spend sometimes to search for sites that are similar to your and email them to see if they are interested to do a link exchange. For example, if you have a violin site, try to exchange link with sites like piano, guitar or drum.

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